Trees for the Future

With every purchase you make, we plant 5 trees!

Woodzy, in partnership with Trees for the Future, has committed to planting 5 trees per order! Our vision is not only to be a sustainable brand - at Woodzy our motto is to give back more than we take. Keep in mind one tree can make thousands of our products and so essentially for each tree we use, we’d be planting thousands in return. We also source bamboo as our primary material for the majority of our products which is very sustainable!

Since 1989 Trees for the Future has planted over 115 Million trees in over a dozen countries. But planting trees in strategic locations doesn’t only counteract deforestation - it can have an immense positive impact on underprivileged communities. With current projects in Sub-saharan Africa, the organization has revitalized hundreds of acres of soil.

This has provided a meaningful income to poor farmers, and gives these communities a better chance to succeed.

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