Terms and Conditions

Products in Online Store are sold by WoodzyStore, VAT number 220242593. Product prices are inclusive of 23% VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and shipping costs.

E-commerce contacts

E-mail: woodzystore@gmail.com
Phone number: +1 443-629-3543
Mailing address: 500 Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC 29212 USA

Products to be ordered can be selected in the online store by adding them to the shopping cart. The order is sent by making the payment for the shopping cart through POS mode by selecting “Go to Checkout”. When you place an order, it constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions, product prices and delivery charges. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail after the payment is done. The order confirmation contains the following information:
– Order number
– Content of order
– Price per item and the total price

The order confirmation is also sent to the customer by mail with the delivery of products. Save the order confirmation so that you can check the contents of the order.


 E-commerce payment intermediary uses a payment gateway (Paybyway Ltd, business ID 2486559-4), which is registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority which maintain a register of payment institutions. The payment proceeds via Paybyway network and a statement of account appear on Paybyway Ltd. Paybyway transmits payments to the merchant. Payment is safe, as all the information relating to the payment transaction is transmitted using an encrypted connection, so that no external party can view the transaction details.

Trade is completed between the customer and the online shop e-commerce. The merchant is responsible for fulfilling all obligations relating to trade such as card payments and other e-commerce functions which are solely its responsibility as the marketer of products and services and provide the products to the customer. Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard payments are accepted by Paybyway Ltd. The merchant is the seller and is therefore liable for fulfilling the obligations and claims related to card payments completed by payee through Paybyway Ltd.

Card payments are made using a secure SSL payment form. Our company does not have access to card information and debit card information stored in our systems. Card payments are done through the international Verified Visa and Secure Code MasterCard verification services, which allow the cardholder to verify their identity.

Read more about Paybyway on their site: http://www.paybyway.com/

Payment Methods

You can pay your order directly through card (credit/debit) at the checkout or via PayPal. Cards such as Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCard are accepted. You can pay via Paypal using Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover payment cards or directly from your PayPal account. Paypal payment does not require registration.


Orders will be mailed within 2-3 business days of receipt of order. Delivery of products usually takes 7-15 working days.


If the product is lost or damaged during shipment, it is the responsibility of the designated post. Immediately contact our Customer Service at woodzystore@gmail.com. Notice of wrong delivery or a defective product must be made within 14 days of receiving the product.


All e-commerce products come with a 30-day return and exchange policy. The customer has the right to exchange or return some or all of the ordered products. Returned or exchanged products must be in the original package and should be salable to others. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges. If you wish to return or exchange products, please first contact our customer service at woodzystore@gmail.com, and we’ll help you. We strive to process your return as quickly as possible and to return the money within 7 days.


All our products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. The guarantor is responsible for ensuring that the usefulness and quality of the goods remain acceptable within the warranty period. Otherwise the product is considered defective. An error in, for example, the manufacturing and structural defects and other defects due to the usability of the goods are considered as faults and shortcomings.

The guarantor is not responsible for the error, if the cause of deviation from the quality or usefulness of the goods is obviously due to the buyer’s side. The reason may be, for example, accident, improper use or handling of goods contrary to treatment guidelines by the buyer e.g. damage caused by water.
The purchaser must notify the error to the guarantor or the seller within a reasonable time after he detected or should have detected it.

Please note that wood is a natural material and finished with natural wood treatment oil, so it may change its appearance over time.


Disputes are solved in cooperation with consumer authorities.

To cancel, defect liability and complaints order

Before the delivery of the order, it may be canceled by written notice by e-mail.

The web-shop provides a statutory warranty on the products sold. For defects, we ask you to contact our Customer Service. The consumer has the right to take any dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board.

Customs and Taxes

For customers residing within EU, prices are inclusive of 23% pre-VAT, so you are not required to pay any additional fees or import tax. Please note that when ordering our products outside EU, you may be obliged to pay customs duties and import duties within the framework of the laws of your country. For more information, contact your local customs authorities.


By ordering products from our online store, you represent and warrant that you are legally capable of entering into contracts. After placing an online order you will automatically receive an order confirmation e-mail. Information about delivery will be made available, when your product is shipped. After delivery confirmation, the next trade agreement between the seller and the buyer is legally binding. The agreement applies only to those products whose shipment we have confirmed. We are not obliged to provide other products that are part of your order until the products have been provided with a separate delivery confirmation. It is buyer’s responsibility to notify the correct delivery address and verify that the order confirmation is correct for potential errors.

Force majeure

In force majeure conditions, the contract can either be seen to have been cancelled, and the buyer or the seller is not entitled to compensation, or alternatively the delivery time may be extended pursuant to an insurmountable obstacle. The seller is not obliged to fulfill the contract, if the obstacle is insurmountable for the seller and obstructs the delivery of the goods or part thereof. Also, when the fulfillment of the agreement would require sacrifices that are disproportionate compared to the resulting benefit, the seller is not obliged to fulfill the contract.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy under the Personal Data Act (523/99) Section 10.

Data controller
E-mail: woodzystore@gmail.com
Phone number: +1 443-629-3543
Mailing address: 500 Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC 29212 USA

Name of the database
Woodzystore's customer register

Collection and Use of Personal Infromation
The person is registered as a customer of Woodzystore or Woodzystore's products.
Purpose of the Woodzy register is to maintain a customer database, as well as for filing and processing customer orders. The information can be used to develop Woodzy’s activities and for statistical purposes. Personal data is processed to the extent permitted by the Personal Data Act and within the required limits. In terms of technical interfaces, it is a method of maintaining a database of Woodzystore's customers.

Deleting data from the register
Personal information can be removed at the customer’s request.

The information contained in the database
First and last name
Email address
Postal address
Telephone number
Information about ordering
Order’s Post tracking information

Disclosure of information
Personal data will not be disclosed outside of Woodzystore.

Database protection
The register will not be disclosed to third parties. Use of the register requires network user rights at WoodzyStore. The register is located in WoodzyStore’s password and firewall protected server.