Wooden Sunglasses Fit Guide

Wooden Sunglasses Fit Guide

We are getting a lot of questions about wood sunglasses and watches and one of the most popular questions is, I don‘t know which model best fits my face shape“. So we made a simple sunglasses fit guide. We hope that we will help you to decide which style of our wood sunglasses fits the best to your face! But please remember – every rule has an exception. Everyone is unique! So you should wear that kind of style you like and think that looks best on you!

First of all, you have to look in the mirror and find out your face shape. There are a lot of face shapes but we will try to describe only the most popular shapes: heart, round, triangle, oval and square.

HEART face shape has a slightly wider cheek area with a larger forehead and a pointed chin. We suggest you wear bold frame sunglasses. The best style fit for you is butterfly, cat-eye, aviator or round sunglasses, they will soften your facial features. Try to avoid heavy style sunglasses.

ROUND face shape has softer angles with slighter wider cheekbones, wide forehead and jaw. Try to wear sunglasses styles like butterfly, square, wayfarer, cat-eye or aviator style so your face will look much longer and thinner. Try to avoid round frames.

TRIANGLE face shape has a narrow forehead. Eye line widens at the cheeks and chin. Best choice for you is cat-eye, butterfly, aviator or club master style sunglasses. Try to avoid low-set temples, narrow frames.

OVAL face shape has balanced proportions. Narrow forehead and jaw line, high cheekbones and chin slightly narrower than the forehead. If you have oval face shape you are the lucky one, because most of the sunglasses styles fit you. Best fit for you wayfarer, round, club master, butterfly, aviator, cat-eye. Try to avoid too small or too big sunglasses.

SQUARE shaped faces have a strong and pronounced jaw line with a wide forehead and cheekbones. Perfect fit round, cat-eye, aviator styles sunglasses. Try to avoid square shape sunglasses.

We hope that our sunglasses fit guide helped you to decide which shades are perfect for you.

Find your best fit on our wood sunglasses collection. Now it’s time for shopping!

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